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Top 10 Adoption Law Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library.

What do Bill Clinton, Marilyn Monroe, and John Lennon have in common? Answer: they were all adopted.

Aside from being a major responsibility, adoption is also a complex legal process. It is best to gather as much information as possible before beginning the adoption process. As a starting point for people contemplating adoption, the LegalMatch Law Library has compiled a list of the Top 10 Articles on Adoption Law.

1. Adoption

Adoption creates a parent-child relationship. A parent-child relationship has many important legal implications. This is why it is important to truly understand what adoption is and how the process works before you begin the adoption process.

2. Adoption Process

The basic adoption process is supposed to be rather straightforward, however every situation is different and what might seem like a straightforward process can quickly turn convoluted and time consuming. This is why is best to have a general idea of the process so you can be better prepared for every stage of the adoption.

3. Reversing an Adoption

Sometimes adoptions do not work out as planned or the birth parents can change their minds, in these situations the adoption can be reversed. Though it might be a painful thing to think about, an adoption can be reversed by the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and even the adopted child.

4. Pre and Post Adoption Rights of Biological Parents

A biological parent’s right to consent or revoke consent to an adoption varies from state to state and depends on whether or not the biological parent is the mother or father. Depending on the state you live in and the agreement you have with the adoptive parents you may or may not be able to contact your child after the adoption.

5. Adoption and Fathers’ Rights

While a biological father has the right to be notified that his child is being put up for adoption, depending on the state he lives in, his permission may or may not be needed to allow the child to be adopted.

6. Foster Parent Rights

If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent there are several requirements you have to fulfill before you can become one. However, once you become a foster parent you essentially have the same rights as a biological parent, yet your parental authority can be terminated by the state child welfare agency if there is a need to.

7. Foreign Child Adoption

It has become quite common for people considering adoption to go overseas. However, this can be an extremely complex process as each country has its own laws regarding adoption. This is why it is best to consult a lawyer or agency familiar with overseas adoption.

8. Agency Adoption Laws

In a majority of adoptions, prospective adoptive parents turn to an agency for help in finding a child to adopt. There are two types of agencies: public and private. Depending on your own needs, a one type of agency might be a better fit for you. This is why it is best to research the different agencies available to you.

9. Adult Adoption

There are many reasons why one would choose to adopt an adult. As there are many legal implications surrounding the creation of a parent-child relationship, particularly tax and estate laws, it is best to consult with an attorney before starting the adoption process.

10. Equitable Adoption

Equitable adoption is when there has not been a formal adoption with the required paperwork, but the parent essentially treated the child as their own. An equitable adoption can have a significant legal impact, especially when it comes to the issue of inheritance.

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