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Top 10 Business Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library

As Norman Cousins famously said, "Government in the U.S. today is a senior partner in every business in the country." As Cousins implied in his famous quote, the government plays a huge role in regulating businesses. Federal, state, and local governments create, enforce, and administer numerous laws regarding the operation of business.

Among the most popular business laws are laws governing contracts, sales, commercial paper, agency and employment law, business organizations, securities, intellectual property, income tax, immigration law, and bankruptcy. Here are the Top Ten Business Arts from the LegalMatch Law Library:

1. Wrongful or Tortious Interference with Contracts

"Tortious interference with a contract" usually occurs in one of two scenarios: 1) when a person causes another person to breach a contract; or 2) when a person disrupts another person’s ability to perform his or her contractual obligations. This article discusses the elements of tortious interference, how to prove tortious interference, and the remedies a person can recover in a tortious interference case.

2. Suing an Insurance Company

The idea of suing a multi-million dollar insurance company is certainly enticing. However, suing an insurance company can also be intimidating and difficult. This article discusses when you can sue an insurance company and how to find a lawyer who works on a "contingency fee basis," which is where you only have to pay your lawyer if you recover money in the lawsuit.

3. Limited Liability Company (LLC) Lawyers

A limited liability company ("LLC") is a flexible business organization that mixes the benefits of a corporation with the benefits of a partnership. This article discusses the benefits of starting an LLC, what "limited liability" means, and the difference between an LLC and a limited partnership ("LP").

4. Buying and Selling a Business

Deciding to buy or sell a business is a huge, life-changing decision. This article discusses the preparation, considerations, and process of buying and selling a business.

5. Suing a Web-Based Company

Suing a web-based company poses some unique challenges. This article discusses one of the biggest hurdles in filing a suit against a web-based company: figuring out where you can bring the lawsuit. It also discusses libel, which is one of the most common lawsuits against web-based companies.

6. International Business Corporation Lawyers

An international business company ("IBC") is an offshore company formed in some countries (such as Belize, Seychelles, and Anguilla) for tax benefits, confidentiality protection, and asset protection. This article discusses the benefits of using an IBC and when it is unlawful to use an IBC.

7. Nonprofit Corporation lawyers

Do you want to save the world? If so, this article might be for you. This article discusses how to form a non-profit corporation, how to get tax-exempt status, and how to create a structure for your non-profit corporation.

8. Protecting My Small business Name

This article discusses how to protect the name of your small business. The best way to protect your name is to register your trademark, but you may still be able to seek protection for a business name that is not trademarked.

9. Nevada Corporation Lawyers

A "Nevada Corporation" is a business that is incorporated in the state of Nevada. Nevada is a "corporate haven," which means that it is friendly towards and offers many advantages to businesses that incorporate in the state. This article discusses the advantages of filing for incorporation in Nevada.

10. Interference with Business Relations

"Interference with business relations" is when a person intentionally causes damage to another person’s contractual or business relationships. This article discusses how to prove interference with business relations and the remedies available in an interference with business relations lawsuit.

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