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Top 10 Assault and Battery Law Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library

What do Bruno Mars, Kayne West, and two sReal Housewives’ stars have in common? Answer: they have all been charged with assault and battery.

Assault and battery charges are not the sole domain of rap stars slapping annoying paparazzo, it happens in everyday life as well. Everything from domestic violence, to a bar fight, to blowing smoke in someone’s face can be classified under assault and battery.

If you have been assaulted or are facing battery charges, it is important to know all the options available to you. As a starting point for people dealing with assault and battery, the LegalMatch Law Library has compiled a list of the Top 10 Articles on Assault and Battery Law.

1. Assault and Battery: Victim

If someone hit you or has attempted to hit you, you have been the victim of an assault or battery. If you have been the victim of an assault or battery you can often recover monetary damages.

2. Elements Required to Prove Assault

In order for someone to prove that an assault happened he or she has to show several things happened. If all the elements of assault are not met, then the person accused of assaulting someone will most likely be found not guilty.

3. What is Assault and Battery: Aggravating Factors and Variations

Assault and battery are actually two different crimes; however they have many aggravating factors in common. The presence of aggravating factors can mean the difference between being charged with a misdemeanor and being charged with a felony.

4. Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is considered to be much more serious than regular assault. It has greater legal consequences and is often considered a felony in many states.

5. Suing for Domestic Violence

Most states these days allow domestic violence victims to sue their abusers for monetary damages.

6. Assaulting a Police Officer

Assaulting a police officer is a serious crime and can have more devastating legal consequences than simple assault. Even if the officer was taunting you, assault on a police officer is never justified except in certain limited situations.

7. Battery on a Police Officer

Battery on a police officer is a common charge tacked onto resisting arrest. It has extremely serious legal consequences and there are few defenses.

8. Sexual Assault

Simple sexual touching or contact without the other person’s consent can be considered sexual assault if it would offend a reasonable person. It is important to be aware of just what sexual assault is in order to avoid it and to avoid committing it.

9. Self-Defense

When faced with an assault or battery charge, a common defense is self-defense. Depending on the state you live in, if you claim self-defense you didn’t even have to be in real danger, you just had to believe that there was a life-threatening danger.

10. Assault and Battery Defenses

While self-defense is a common and well known defense to assault and battery, there are plenty of other defenses as well.

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