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Top 10 Auto Accident Articles
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Top 10 Auto Accident Articles

Automobile accidents are probably the most common way people interact with civil law. Yes, there is a part of the legal system which Law and Order doesn’t cover.

Picture this: You’re leaving the parking garage of a market. You are at the bottom of a ramp leading to an exit. The car at the front of the ramp is an old Ford which seems to be having trouble moving up the small hill. All of a sudden, the other car rolls back down the hill. Paradoxically, time seems to slow down and you watch in terrifying slow motion as the old Ford rams into you.

Who should pay for your hospital bills? What happens if your insurance company refuses to honor your agreement? Who pays for damage to the car?

LegalMatch presents its Top 10 list of articles on automobile accidents to help you answer these questions.

1. How to Prepare for a Car Accident Claim

What kind of evidence should you preserve? How many witnesses are enough? How should dress? Answer: It depends. Okay, the lawyer’s response probably is not helpful, but this article gives a general overview about what to do after you’ve been involved in an automobile accident.

2. Automobile Insurance Claims

Surprisingly, automobile accident attorneys are just as knowledgeable about contract law as business and corporate lawyers. Insurance companies spend a significant amount of time and money avoiding full price after one of their customers are injured. If the insurance companies have an army of lawyers, you should at least read about the more common methods insurance companies use to escape their contractual responsibilities.

3. Auto Accidents: Obtaining a Favorable Pre-Trial Settlement

Here’s an open secret about our legal system: it favors settlements the way a male dog favors a female dog in heat. The metaphor is a little crude, but this cannot be over-exaggerated. The trick is to make sure that you get the best deal from your settlement. This article explores how you can do that.

4. Dealing with Your Insurance Company When Your Car is totaled

Do you know how much your car is worth? Do you know how much your insurance company thinks your car is worth? The latter is how much you will likely receive if your car is completely destroyed. Read this to find out how you can get the money you think your car is worth.

5. Contingency Lawyers

One of the reasons auto accident liability cases are so common is that anyone can be involved in an automobile accident. It does not matter whether the victim is rich or poor. Fortunately for the latter, most automobile accident lawyers work on a contingency. Read on to find out how you could afford a personal injury attorney.

6. No Fault Auto Insurance

Imagine if your crazy friend came over to visit one day. While your friend is staying over, he eats all the food in your fridge, flushes the goldfish down the toilet, and uses your toothbrush. The two of you get into a fight. The judge, as a general rule, finds that both of you started the fight and that both of you should pay for your own damages. If this policy sounds crazy, welcome to No Fault Auto Insurance. The article goes into further detail.

7. Pedestrian Crashes

There are a few of metaphors which accurately describe what happens when a car hits a person. It’s like watching a bowling ball hitting pins. It’s like using a lawnmower to plow through grass. Or like watching Miley Cyrus at the VMA. In short, it’s painful.

8. Auto Accidents Caused by Sudden Stops

Auto accidents by sudden stops can be the most sympathetic accidents. A child walks out onto the street. A kitten becomes lost on the road. In many cases, the driver who made a sudden stop could be a hero rather than villain. Who pays though?

9. Texting While Driving Laws

“Can you please stop texting.” Distracted driving is the 21st century’s version of drunk driving. Unfortunately, some people seem have to missed the text. Hopefully they’ll check the message when they’re not driving.

10. Liability for Rear End and Left Turn Auto Accidents

It can be difficult to determine who caused an automobile accident. The first car saw a deer coming and suddenly stopped, resulting in the second car hitting the first car. This causes the third driver, who was smoking while driving, to have a heart attack. As a result, the third car spins out of control, resulting in drivers four and five smashing into each other in an attempt to avoid the third car.

Rear end and left turn accidents are nothing like that. This article deals with the easy cases. Just because liability is easy to prove though, doesn’t mean that the rest of the case will be just as easy.

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