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Top 10 Condominium Articles

When the United States was first founded, real estate was plentiful. Settlers kept pushing westward in an effort to obtain cheap land. Today, the race for real estate is not horizontal, but vertical. Condominiums are becoming more popular as real property becomes scarcer. Condominiums differ from real property in several significant ways.

LegalMatch presents its Top 10 articles on Condominium Law to help you purchase the best deal possible.

1. House or Condominium

One of the most annoying things a large condominium can do is neglect to include a directory of residents and offices. In the interest of sparing the reader that same unpleasant experience, the link provides a directory of condominium articles.

2. Buying a Condominium vs. Buying a House

This is a personal question, but the question is the heart of this entire list. One of the differences is that homeowners are typically exclusive owners of the property while condominiums are often restricted by others. If the ability to put up Christmas lights or evil pumpkins around the perimeter of your property is valuable, this article might provide some deeper insight.

3. Purchasing a Condominium or Co-Op

You’ve decided that living in a condominium is better than living in a house. Congrats! Should you buy a condo or simply rent one? This article covers the pros and cons of both decisions so that you can make the best legal and consumer decisions possible.

4. Condominiums and Cooperatives

Not all cooperatives are hippie drum circles. No, the cooperatives in this article are about common interest properties. It’s more like renting from a landlord. This article explains what your rights are if you live in a condominium or a cooperative.

5. Rental Agreement Lawyers

Renting a condo is almost the same as renting an apartment. Rent and habitability are still relevant. Security deposits and utilities still need to be paid. Crazy ex-significant others still need to be removed from the property. This article lifts some of the mystery around rental of property.

6. Implied Warranty of Habitability Lawyers

Are there ants in your condo? Is the heater broken? This article doesn’t come with Ant Raid or a repairman, but it can help you pressure the property manager into making the building livable.

7. Condominium Insurance Lawyers

Insurance companies are amazing at interpreting contracts to suit their own ends. If the insurance companies can’t avoid making a payment, they can find ways to minimize what they owe. Now imagine what insurance companies can accomplish if there’s a "master contract" they can use to filter claims through. Welcome to the world condominium insurance policies. This article can prepare you for your trip.

8. Mechanics Lien

One of the most complicated legal issues about condominiums is the fact that there are sub-ownership issues within larger issues. For instance, if a plumber or electrician makes repairs to the condominium, but the property owners don’t pay up, who foots the bill? Mechanics liens could result in higher rent than expected.

9. CC&R Lawyers

This article explains why associations owning condominiums cannot paint the hallways pink and play Katy Perry songs all night. Condominium associations are bound by the rules which govern them, like a constitution of the property.

10. Lawsuits against Homeowners Associations

Homeowner associations of a condo typically generate less controversy than homeowner associations of real property. Actual ownership of the common areas means that the public is less likely to view them as annoying parasites. If a condominium association abuses its power though, this article can you pop the tick.

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