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Top 10 Construction Accident Law Articles
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Top 10 Construction Accident Law Articles

Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations, resulting in numerous deaths and serious injuries each year. Everything from a crane to a regular hammer can potentially cause serious injuries. In addition to dangerous faced by workers, even common bystanders can often become injured by venturing near a construction site.

As a starting point for people who have been injured in a construction related accident, the LegalMatch Law Library has compiled a list of the Top 10 Articles on Construction Accident Law.

1. Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can happen to anyone. Usually if an employee is injured they can get worker’s compensation, if a bystander or non-employee has been injured, then their claim is treated like a regular personal injury case. Thus, the bystander can sue the operator of the construction site in order to recover.

2. Construction Accident Lawyers

Work-related injuries are incredibly common on construction sites. However, even though they are common, if the site owner or employer failed to properly warn or provide a safe working environment for their employees, then the employees might be able to bring a suit against their employer.

3. Construction Accidents: Demolition

Explosives are incredibly dangerous and thus many precautions should be taken if they are to be used on a construction site. However, sometimes procedures are not followed or rules are ignored and these mistakes often turn out to be lethal.

4. Construction Accidents: Scaffolds

Due to the fact that working on a scaffold often requires a worker to be high above the ground, falls are a common accident associated with scaffolds. As such, there are many regulations in place to ensure that employers are looking out for their workers. If an employer has failed to comply with safety regulations and an employee has been injured as a result, the injured employee might have a claim against the employer.

5. Forklift Accidents

Since forklifts are huge and unwieldy machines it is to be expected that tipping over is the cause of the majority of accidents involving forklifts. The next most common accident involving forklifts is being hit by one, which why one should always be alert and aware when near a forklift.

6. Construction Accidents: Falling Objects

Even though a paint bucket falling on someone’s head is a physical comedy staple, it is not so funny when that paint bucket is coming at you from 20 stories above. The danger of falling objects is a reason why there are many regulations in place to govern working on scaffolding and at high heights. If you have been injured by a falling object, most likely someone was being careless. Repetitive

7. Construction Accidents: Cranes

Cranes are huge pieces of equipment and do a variety of work, from lifting metal beams to moving shipping containers onto ships. As such, if a crane was involved in an accident most likely death or serious injury was a result. Seeing as cranes are dangerous pieces of equipment, great care should be taken when operating one, lest an accident occurs.

8. Welding Accidents

Welding involves being exposed to fiery bits of metal that can burn and even blind you. That’s why safety precautions should always be taken when using a welding machine. Employers are also required to take steps to reduce the risk of injury you face while welding.

9. Logging Accidents

Any profession where a chainsaw is regularly used is a dangerous one. Chainsaws are not the only thing to watch out for on a logging site; other hazards include falling trees, wood chippers, and many other items. Depending on the type of injury you recieved at a logging site, you might be able to file a variety of claims.

10. Gas Accidents

Since gas can be both flammable and explosive it is important to take serious care when working around gas. Damaged gas containers can lead to a wide variety of hazards such as poisoning, explosions, or fires.

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