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Top 10 Criminal Fraud Articles
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Top 10 Criminal Fraud Articles

Children are taught that lying is bad through cautionary tales such as Pinocchio. As adults, we’re reminded of this same fact through real-life stories such as the Bernie Madoff investment scandal.

To avoid being caught in a lie that results in a lawsuit or lands you in the county jail, you should review the following articles on criminal fraud from the LegalMatch Law Library.

1. Negligent Misrepresentation

Occasionally, a person says something that they guess may be true when it really is not true. As described in this article, this is known as negligent misrepresentation.

2. Fraudulent Misrepresentation

The tale of the boy who cried wolf teaches children that lying is more harmful than helpful. However, some adults seem to forget that lesson to the point of where their lies are so misleading that the lies constitute a crime. This article explains what kinds of lying count as the crime of fraudulent misrepresentation.

3. Welfare Fraud Lawyers

Some people are good at scamming the welfare benefits system. Unfortunately, their bad behavior makes government officials more suspicious of everyone that applies to get welfare benefits.

4. Fraudulent Inducement Lawyers

People lie to get what they want, such as lying about their qualifications to get a job. Fraudulent inducement occurs when an extreme lie convinces a person to perform some action they otherwise would not have performed.

5. Breach of Contract and Simultaneous Fraud Claims

Life would be so much easier if everything was straightforward and simple. However, that is rarely the case, especially with lawsuits. This article can tell you how to manage both breach of contract claims and fraud claims that arise out of the same incident.

6. Liability for Misrepresentation when Selling a Vehicle

Used car salesmen are often viewed as shady hucksters who are not to be trusted. If a person sells you a lemon of a used car, you may be able to recover some money if they intentionally misled you when convincing you to buy the car. This article covers the two main claims that you can bring against the seller.

7. Defenses for Criminal Fraud

Everyone has said a lie at one point of another. Occasionally, a lie can get blown out of proportion and people can become hurt as a result. If you have been accused of criminal fraud because something you have said has been misinterpreted, then you need to read this article to learn about the different defense you can raise against that accusation.

8. Penalties for Mortgage Loan Fraud

There is a lot of paperwork that you have to fill out in order to procure a mortgage loan. Before turning that paperwork in, you should always double-check to make sure you have everything filled out properly. If you need motivation to do that, then read this article to find out what may happen if you do not.

9. Loan Fraud Lawyers

Claiming to be a multimillionaire in order to get a date will not do much harm. However, claiming to be a multimillionaire in order to get a loan can be a crime. This article describes how such a lie can constitute the crime of loan fraud.

10. Fraud on the Court

If you really want to annoy a judge, lie to the court in a way that disrupts its ability to function properly. Before you decide that lying to the court would be to your advantage, you should read this article to learn just how much trouble committing fraud on the court could put you in.

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