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Top 10 Debt Consolidation Articles
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Top 10 Debt Consolidation Articles

Being in debt is one of the scariest parts about being an adult. Debt can lead to many serious consequences, including jail.

Although it may seem shocking, creditors don’t actually want to punish people—they just want their money. A common way that creditors assist debtors is by allowing them to consolidate multiple debts into one. This top 10 list on debt consolidation can teach you about this option and help you avoid going to jail.

1. Debt Consolidation Lawyers

Combining multiple things into one thing makes life easier. This, after all, is the genius behind both smart phones and sporks. If you are facing a number of debts, this article can help you figure out the logistics of consolidating your debts.

2. Student Debt Cancellation Disputes

When a college student graduates, they are often handed a bill for all of their student loans alongside their diplomas. Unfortunately, many college graduates are not able to pay off their student loans right away with an entry-level paycheck. This article explains how grads can attempt to cancel student loans or challenge their required payments.

3. Debt Settlement Laws

If you owe large sums of money to the mob, you may get your legs broken. In the same manner, if you owe large sums of money to a bank, you may get your house taken away. However, unlike the mob, bank are often willing to negotiate an alternative debt settlement if you default on the loan. If you need to work out a settlement on your debt, then you need to read this article.

4. Debt Lawyers

Trying to live like the one percent on a minimum wage paycheck could quickly land you in a lot of debt. This is especially true if you decide to hire a personal umbrella holder like P. Diddy. You need to read this article if you find yourself in over your head in debt.

5. Credit Lawyers

Credit lets you trade in your good name and reputation without having to cough up any cold hard cash upfront. This is great if you currently do not have enough money to cover the cost of the solid gold toilets that your apartment needs. Before you let your debt get out of hand and your credit is ruined, you should read this article.

6. Debt Collection Protection for Sole Proprietorships

When a person incurs debt, the law provides a protective shield to prevent them from being harassed by creditors until they are reduced to quivering puddles of tears. Sole proprietorships are businesses, so they do not receive the same protection. This article covers the ways that the law does protect sole proprietorships from overzealous creditors.

7. Accord and Satisfaction

According to Jack Sparrow, he and Will Turner had an "accord" when he agreed to help find the Black Pearl in exchange for Will springing him from jail. This term is still used today to describe an agreement to settle a debt for less than the original amount. You must read this article if you want to settle your debt through an accord and satisfaction.

8. Financial Lawyers

Money has played an important role in the world’s economy as early as 9000 BCE. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are lots of laws governing money and finances to ensure that the economy does not descend into chaos. This article gives an overview of the different areas where finances and the law typically intersect.

9. Consumer Credit Counseling

On Saturday Night Live, Chris Parnell hosted an infomercial for the debt solution book titled "Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford." However, managing your debt may require more information than can fit onto one page, no matter how tiny the print is. Another solution is the Consumer Credit Counseling Program, which is described in this article.

10. Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Almost half of all Americans owe more in credit card debt than they have in their emergency savings. This means that about half of this country’s adults must resort to making multiple payments to erase their credit card debt. If you are one of these adults, then you should read this article to learn how to pay off that debt more efficiently.

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