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Top 10 Drug Crime Articles
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Top 10 Drug Crime Articles

Despite the rampant drug abuse in America and the celebration of gangsters and drug lords in the media, the United States enforces some of the most severe drug laws in the world. As a result, the police should never be bored and prison wardens can enjoy endless job security. This also means that, as a good American, at some point in your life you may need to seek legal advice concerning your little habit of chemical indulgence.

To begin your review of laws concerning the illegal use of drugs, here are the Top 10 Drug Crime Articles from the LegalMatch Law Library.

1. Failing a Drug Test

Unlike standard multiple-choice affairs, drug tests don’t require you to stay up all night studying. In fact, quite the opposite, drug tests require you to go to bed early every night, never have any fun, and to only consume food sold in a major food chain. Best of luck! However, if you do fail a drug test, then you should take a moment and read this article.

2. Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentence Lawyers

Justice may often seem arbitrary. However, mandatory minimum drug sentences are anything but. It works like this: 500 grams of powder cocaine = at least 5 years in prison; 5,000 grams = at least 10 years. Etc. However, as this article explains, mandatory minimum sentences are highly controversial and at times counterintuitive.

3. Drug Trafficking

If you’re sitting here thinking that you might have a legal problem with drug trafficking, you might want to forget about reading this article and skip straight to the part where you find an attorney. Here’s a hint: drug trafficking crimes can result in fines up to $10 million and a lifetime sentence in jail.

4. Constructive Possession of a Controlled Substance

Here’s the thing, we believe you that those drugs hiding under your futon aren’t yours…but the cops might now. You can always calmly explain that those drugs don’t belong to you and hope for the best. But you should probably also read this article, too.

5. Federal Marijuana Laws

Although several states have legalized marijuana, the federal law still diligently considers pot smokers to be criminals.

6. Landlord Liability for the Criminal Acts of Tenants

Landlords can be held liable for tenants selling drugs on the landlord’s property. However, if you’re not aware of the drug deals, then you’re probably safe from criminal punishments.

7. What Is Possession of a Controlled Substance?

Words like “possession” and phrases like “controlled substance” have specific legal definitions. Whether or not what you did or what you had fits within such definitions may make the difference between jail time and freedom.

8. Drug Crime Lawyers

Drug crimes include: possession, distributing, using, and manufacturing illegal drugs. Along with this article, your criminal defense attorney can help you understand all the finer points.

9. Smoking Devices and Drug Paraphernalia

Have you ever visited a smoke shop and wondered how they can sell so many items that are clearly designed for consuming illegal substances? This article explains the legal implications of selling, owning, and using drug paraphernalia.

10. Drug Crime Punishments and Enhancements

Here is one way to classify drugs: the five “schedules” that determine the punishments for drug crimes.

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