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Top 10 Elder Care Articles
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Top 10 Elder Care Articles

When they were your age, your grandmother and grandfather walked fifteen miles—in the snow— every day to get to school, uphill both ways. For all of that trouble, they deserve effective care and assistance. From a legal standpoint, "elder care" is a broad term, encompassing long-term housing for the elderly, medical benefits and subsidies, and elder abuse. Here are the Top 10 Elder Care Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library:

1. Elder Care

This article discusses the difficult decisions that families make regarding elder care. More specifically, it discusses care in long-term housing for the elderly, Medicare and Medicaid, and elder abuse and neglect.

2. Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Financial exploitation of the elderly occurs when a relative or caregiver of an elderly person steals, withholds, or otherwise misuses that elderly person’s money, property, or valuables for personal advantage or profit. 

3. Elder Neglect Laws

This article explains what elder neglect is, provides examples of elder neglect, and discusses who may be liable for elder neglect.

4. Health Care and Insurance

article discusses types of health care and insurance, including health insurance plans, Medicare, and Medicaid. It also discusses nursing homes.

5. Long-Term Care

Long-term care may be a good option for an elderly person who can no longer take care of himself or herself for medical reasons.

6. Elderly Statutory Protections

There are many laws that protect the elderly, including laws preventing unfair nursing home practices, abuse, discrimination against nursing home residents, and exploitation of the elderly.

7. Elder Abuse Laws

Elder abuse laws prevent the abuse of elders, either by professional caregivers or private citizens.

8. Reporting Elder Abuse

In most states, witnesses of elder abuse are required to report such abuse. Failing to report is typically a misdemeanor crime.

9. Duty to Obey Advance Health Care Directives

This article discusses advance health care directives, which are documents with instructions on how you are to be treated medically if you become incapacitated.

10. Elder Abuse Lawyers

This article defines elder abuse, lists the types of elder abuse, and discusses the warning signs of elder abuse.

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