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Top 10 Foreclosure Articles

If you really enjoy the phrase "out with the old, in with the new!" perhaps you’ll find a special enjoyment in the foreclosure process. Otherwise, you’ll likely find it to be absolutely no fun at all.

Many people are ignorant of the foreclosure process, perhaps in part due to their hope that they will never have to experience it. However, it would be prudent for any homeowner with a mortgage to educate themselves about foreclosures in order to prepare for the worst.

1. Foreclosures – What Is a Foreclosure?

Nowadays, it seems like foreclosures are happening everywhere and turning previously nice neighborhoods into ghost towns. Although foreclosure is everywhere in the news, many people only know that it is related to a mortgage. This article demystifies the concept of a foreclosure by explaining how it works and what causes it.

2. Foreclosure Process Lawyers

In these bad economic times, the term foreclosure can seem downright scary. That is because the process of foreclosure can result in the loss of one’s home. If you find yourself threatened with foreclosure, you need to read this article to learn what to expect with foreclosure and how to avoid it.

3. Foreclosure by Judicial Sale

Often, a court must step in and oversee the sale of a foreclosed property. This way, an unbiased entity can ensure that nobody is given an opportunity to screw over all of the other parties that are involved in the sale. You should read this article if you are a party to a foreclosure by judicial sale and do not understand what is happening.

4. Foreclosure Sales and Junior Mortgages

If another lender is foreclosing on a property that you have a mortgage on, you may be panicking over whether you will get anything out of it. Foreclosure sales are generally set up so that the sale will satisfy not only the foreclosing mortgage, but also any junior mortgages. If you are the holder of a junior mortgage on a foreclosing property, you must read this article to ensure you know how to protect your interests in the sale.

5. Foreclosure Lawyers

Homes are the biggest purchase that many people make in their lifetime, and the average American normally gets a mortgage to help cover the cost. Acquiring a mortgage and defaulting on a mortgage can involve complex legal processes. This article explains how a lawyer can help you navigate both the process of getting a mortgage and the process of foreclosure after you have defaulted on your mortgage.

6. Foreclosure By Power of Sale

Everyone wants things done as quickly as possible. Since foreclosure by power of sale is done by the lender, it is often completed faster than if a court gets involved and does the foreclosure by judicial sale. If you are debating whether to do the foreclosure by power of sale or foreclosure by judicial sale, you should look at this article for a summary of the pros and cons of each choice.

7. Foreclosure Statutory Redemption Laws

Most people would love to have a second chance when it otherwise seems like they cannot change the past. A foreclosure statutory right of redemption law lets people whose houses have already been sold through a foreclosure to buy them back during a period of time set forth by the law. You need to read this article if you are considering buying your house back through a foreclosure statutory redemption law.

8. Avoiding Foreclosure

Sometime it can feel like it’s too late to do anything once you have missed a couple of payments on your mortgage. However, there are several options available to save your house from the metaphorical jaws of foreclosure. This article lists ways to avoid foreclosure that may be available to you.

9. Foreclosure Fraud Lawyers

The threat of foreclosure can cause con artists and greedy banks to surround a worried homeowner like hungry wolves circling a scared and injured rabbit. The stress of going through a foreclosure often causes people to let their guard down and they frequently fall for foreclosure fraud schemes. If you are facing foreclosure, you must read this article to make sure that you do not become a victim of foreclosure fraud.

10. Rights of Borrowers in Foreclosures

You may feel absolutely helpless when a lender decides to foreclose on your house because you were unable to keep up with the mortgage payments. However, many states have passed laws to ensure that you have a few rights during the process, such as a right to a written notice of foreclosure. This article describes the basic rights that you should expect to have during the process.

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