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Top 10 Gay Marriage Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library

Gay marriage has come a long way since Massachusetts became the first state to recognize same sex marriage back in 2004. As of 2013, a total of 13 states recognize gay marriage. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which prohibited same-sex couples from receiving federal benefits, was also ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in early 2013.

Given that gay marriage is a heavily contested issue, our articles are constantly being changed and updated. Lawyers have the power to advocate for changes to the law and it is this power that has driven the discussion on gay marriage since the new millennium began.

LegalMatch presents its Top 10 articles on Gay Marriage.

1. Gay Marriage and Domestic Partnerships

The state of the law regarding gay marriage is turbulent, to say the least. This article offers a broad snapshot of the state of gay marriage in the United States.

2. Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage

One of the most frustrating things about gay marriage is remembering which states recognize gay marriage and which do not. Part of the reason it is hard to recall which states recognize gay marriage is that many states are constantly changing their stance on gay marriage. This article captures this vital information for you in one accessible page.

3. Marriage Compared to Civil Unions

"Separate but Equal." That was the legal justification for racial segregation under Plessy v. Ferguson. Read the article on the different marital statuses and ask whether the distinction between marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships is anything but a modern version of "Separate but Equal."

4. Same-Sex Divorce

Opponents of gay marriage should support same-sex divorce right? Having a same-sex divorce is as difficult as having a same-sex marriage. Since divorce ends a marriage, a state which recognizes a divorce must also recognize the marriages which lead to the divorce. This article looks into one of the most complex issues of gay marriage: the end of the marriage.

5. FAQ: Same-Sex Couples’ Legal Rights

Gay marriage is a confusing area of the law since each state has a different policy regarding same-sex rights. This FAQ addresses some of the most fundamental questions same-sex couples have regarding their legal rights.

6. Options for Same-Sex Couples in States That Do Not Recognize Gay Marriage

Most people don’t think of lawyers as a creative profession, but this article demonstrates that lawyers can be very creative problem-solvers when they put their minds to it.

7. Name Changes After Same-Sex Marriage

Men are unaccustomed to the idea of changing their last name in favor of the one their spouse holds. Maybe gay marriage name changes will result in a greater change in gender name conventions. This article addresses the seemly ordinary legal procedure of name change in the context of gay marriage.

8. Same-Sex Marriage in New York

This article discusses the state of gay marriage in New York. Until recently, New York had been in a gray zone regarding same-sex marriages.

9. Same-Sex Marriage in California

Gay marriage in California is built on one of the strangest legal foundations in recent history. The state courts recognized gay marriage, but a voter initiative, Proposition 8, threatened to overturn that decision. In the end, gay marriage in California was saved by a legal technicality endorsed by Chief Justice Roberts. The ruling on Proposition 8 remains one of the Chief Justice’s most controversial decisions.

10. New Jersey Registered Domestic Partnership FAQ

Although New Jersey only permits domestic partnerships for same-sex couples, this might soon change. In the summer of 2013, the state courts began a series of hearings on the equality of domestic partnerships and gay marriage.

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