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Top 10 Liquor License Articles
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Top 10 Liquor License Articles

Americans love their alcohol. According to the CDC, 51.5% of adults 18 and older are regular drinkers, and 13.8% are infrequent drinkers. It’s no wonder that selling alcohol can be a profitable business.

A liquor license is a document that allows a restaurant, store, or other establishment to sell alcoholic beverages. Here are the top ten liquor license articles:

1. Florida Dram Shop Laws

Florida has a "dram shop law" that is limited in its scope and application. Under Florida’s law, businesses have to pay damages for injuries sustained by people to whom they sold alcohol. However, Florida’s dram shop law only applies to the sale of alcohol to two groups of people: (1) minors, and (2) people who are known to be habitually addicted to alcohol.

2. Selling Alcohol to Minors

If you sell alcohol to a minor, you could potentially lose your liquor license. However, in practice, you usually get a warning (or two or three) before losing your license. Selling to a minor is also a crime, but the penalties are not usually very harsh.

3. Liquor Licenses

Before a restaurant, store, or other establishment can sell liquor, it must obtain a liquor license. To get a liquor license, an establishment has to apply to the appropriate state agency.

4. Liquor License Common Terms

This article lists some common terms and restrictions on liquor licenses. It also discusses "dram shop laws" and zoning laws.

5. Bar Licenses

If you are opening a bar or restaurant, there are a couple of licenses other than liquor licenses that you may want to consider getting. Some common licenses are the place of entertainment license, the dance hall keeper license, and the extended-hours license.

6. Liquor License General Process

This article discusses the process for getting a liquor license, including the potential for public protest.

7. Liquor Law Violations

Liquor law violations involve regulations on the serving, consuming, possession, and sale of alcoholic beverages. Common examples of liquor law violations include underage drinking, selling alcohol without a license, selling to minors, drinking and driving, and public intoxication.

8. What Are Liquor Laws

This article is about liquor laws, which are laws that govern the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

9. Dry Laws

"Dry laws" prohibit the sale and purchase of alcohol within a given timeframe or area.

10. California Dram Shop Laws

California has extremely limited "dram shop laws." Under California’s dram shop laws, stores, restaurants, and other establishments can be liable for injuries resulting from selling alcohol to visibly intoxicated minors.

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