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Top 10 Misdemeanor Articles
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Top 10 Misdemeanor Articles

Misdemeanor crimes are not as severe as felonies. Among other things, this means they receive less attention on popular crime shows such as Law & Order.

States frequently organize misdemeanor crimes into specific classes and assign different maximum sentences to each class. To understand laws associated with misdemenoars, here are the top 10 misdemeanor articles in the LegalMatch Law Library.

1. Failure to Appear In Court

How fantastic would it be if you were allowed to show up in court only when you actually wanted to? Unfortunately, the world does not work that way. Failing to show up in court exactly when required can lead to serious consequences.

2. Class A Misdemeanor Laws

Although being accused of any crime is unpleasant, sometimes you must look at the silver lining. Although Class A misdemeanors are the most severe of all misdemeanors, they are still not felonies and generally only carry potential sentences fitting of misdemeanors.

3. Receiving Stolen Property

Buying an item that has “fallen off the back of a truck” may seem like a great idea at the time. However, taking possession of something that has been stolen can bring about serious legal consequences.

4. Classes of Misdemeanors

It is obvious that some crimes are worse than others. Therefore, many states have chosen to organize different misdemeanors into classes, with each class having its own maximum possible sentences.

5. Unclassified Misdemeanor Laws

Certain misdemeanors can occasionally fall into the grey area between the different misdemeanor classes. Some states prefer to leave these misdemeanors as unclassified. If you have been charged with an unclassified misdemeanor, then you must read this article to better understand what an unclassified misdemeanor really means and what kind of charge you are facing.

6. Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

Physically abusing your spouse or child is not only ethically wrong, but also illegal. Although the act of domestic violence can involve a number of crimes, it also qualifies as a separate misdemeanor with its own serious sentencing provisions and other legal ramifications.

7. Theft Lawyers

Theft has been against the law since the time of the Ten Commandments. However, the laws governing the crime of theft are much more detailed as to what must happen in order for theft to have been committed no than they were back in the time of Moses. If you think that someone has committed a theft against you, read this article to see if you might need a lawyer to help resolve the issue.

8. Criminal Negligence Law

Everyone occasionally fails to be perfectly cautious at all times. However, some people are so negligent that their actions reach a criminal level. You must read this article if you are worried that your negligence qualifies as criminal.

9. Assaulting a Police Officer

On every episode of “Cops,” there is always at least one person who tries to get into a physical fight with a police officer. While this may make for great television, attempting to hit a police officer is a crime known as assaulting a police officer. This article goes through the details of the crime of assaulting a police officer and the consequences of being convicted of this crime.

10. Possessing an Instrument of Crime

In many cases, you don’t need to actually commit a crime in order to be guilty under criminal laws. Simply possessing an instrument of crime (such as a gun or drug paraphernalia) may result in a criminal charge.

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