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Top 10 Paternity Law Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library

A study in 2006 concluded that 2 percent of married men were not actually the father of their children. In this age of DNA testing, even though technology has allowed us to establish genetic ties with certainty, our laws still follow traditional definitions of fatherhood and paternity. Traditionally, the husband is considered the father of all children born to the couple during the marriage.

Once a man accepts his role as a father, that acceptance comes with many legal responsibilities. As such, if you have any questions regarding paternity and what that means for you legally, the LegalMatch Law Library has compiled a list of the Top 10 Articles on Paternity.

1. Uniform Parentage Act and Paternity

The Uniform Parentage Act is a law that has lays down the guidelines for establishing paternity and has been adopted by several states. It also lists a legal definition for who is considered the father of the child.

2. Paternity Test Laws

If you’ve ever wondered how a paternity works this article is for you. It describes not only how paternity tests work, but also the legal consequences of the tests, and how to fight the test if it turns out to be positive.

3. Non-Biological Father Parental Rights

As genetic testing becomes more available and cheaper, more and more men are finding out they are not the biological father of their children. If you are a not the biological father of the child you have raised as your own, you might still have parental rights.

4. The Father’s Name on a Child’s Birth Certificate

In most states it is presumed that once you agree to list yourself as the father on a child’s birth certificate, that child is actually yours. It is important to know all the legal consequences that can result before you agree to be listed as the father because once you do there is a time limit on how long you have to challenge paternity.

5. Child Custody Between Unmarried Parents

If you and your partner are unmarried and have a child together there are several common issues that show up. Whether you are seeking visitation rights or seeking complete custody this article provides a helpful starting point on your basic rights as a parent.

6. Unmarried Fathers and Child Support

If you are not married to the child’s mother and unsure as to whether the child is yours, it is suggest that you get a paternity test. Otherwise, if you hold yourself out as the father of the child, you will have to pay child support.

7. Termination of Parental Rights

If a child is yours, but you do not want to be a parent to that child, you can terminate your parental rights. Parental rights can also be terminated by the court, if the court determines that you are an unfit parent.

8. Custodial Parent Rights

The custodial parent is usually the parent that takes care of the child for the majority of the time. If the custodial parent’s rights are violated, there can be severe legally consequences.

9. Sperm Donor Parental Rights and Obligations

Generally, a sperm donor does not have any parental obligations. However, depending on the state, if sperm is donated not through a doctor, you might be responsible for paying child support for any children that are born.

10. Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity

A voluntary acknowledgment of paternity is usually used when an unmarried couple has a child. It is important that the father check the paternity of the child before signing the document, otherwise that acknowledgement can be used in court proceedings for child support.

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