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Top 10 Premises Liability Law Articles
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Top 10 Premises Liability Law Articles

If you really enjoy the sight of "Warning" or "Danger" signs, then you can thank the law of premises liability for making the world a prettier place.

Premises liability law requires property owners to ensure the safety of the people who enter his or her property. As a starting point for property owners or people who have been injured on other people’s property, the LegalMatch Law Library has compiled a list of the Top 10 Articles on Premises Liability Law.

1. Premises Liability

Depending on whether you are the owner of a home or business you can owe different varying levels of duty to people who come onto your property. For example, as an owner of a business you might have a duty to make regular inspections of your property to ensure that customers will be safe, but as a homeowner you might not.

2. Dangerous Property or Buildings

If you are injured because of a dangerous property or building you might have a claim against the owner and might be able to seek compensation for your injuries. Owners are responsible for keeping their buildings safe, thus if anyone is hurt on their property they can be held liable and might have to pay damages.

3. Lawsuits against Homeowner’s Associations

If you slipped or were otherwise injured in a common area of an apartment complex or similar property, you might have a claim against the homeowner’s association. Other reasons you can sue your homeowner’s association includes if the association used your fees inappropriately of if the association failed to properly adhere to the rules they have in place.

4. Trees and Neighbors

Though we joke about falling tree branches it is a dangerous possibility if a tree on your property is not properly taken care of. However, even if the tree is not on your property, if its branches cross your property lines you are permitted to trim them.

5. Personal Liability: Public Parks

If you are injured at a public park, you might be able to sue your local government depending on what state you live in. Some states allow lawsuits against the local government for improperly maintained parks, while others do not.

6. Grocery Store Liability

From a premises liability perspective grocery stores are extremely dangerous. Around every corner there can be an accident waiting happen, from slipping in a puddle of water to having an item display topple over. This is why grocery store owners have a duty to inspect their stores and to make it safe for customers.

7. School Liability for Student Injuries

Depending on whether the student was injured at a private or public school, it might be difficult to recover. However, even if it difficult to recover, it is possible to receive compensation for any injuries that occurred on school grounds because the school failed to take reasonable precautions to protect the student.

8. Defective Sidewalk Conditions

The city has a duty to keep its sidewalks in good condition. If you were injured because the city failed to properly maintain its sidewalks you might be able to file a lawsuit against the city and be compensated for your injuries.

9. Lawsuits against Daycare Centers

Daycare centers are entrusted with one of our most valued possessions: our children. We trust them to keep our children safe and sound. However, a daycare center might fail in that duty and when they do they can be held liable for any injuries that occurred to the child.

10. Injuries to Children on Your Property

Children are notorious rule breakers. They see a sign telling them not to go in somewhere, they often go in anyway. This is why property owners have a duty to make sure their land is safe, even for trespassing children.

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