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Top 10 Prenuptial Agreement Articles
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Top 10 Prenuptial Agreement Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library

Movies and television often capture two moments in a marriage: when one person proposes marriage to another, and when the vows are exchanged. But what happens between the proposal and the vows?

One possibility to consider is prenuptial agreements. These contracts allow you to structure certain aspects of your marriage that would otherwise be governed by standard legal rules. Some people feel that prenups make marriage less romantic. However, they can be an important safeguard for a number of practical concerns. For example, if you have your partner sign a prenup, you can be sure that he or she loves you for your good looks and winning personality, rather than simply your extraordinary cash flow.

LegalMatch proudly presents its Top Ten Articles on Prenuptial Agreements:

1. Prenuptial Agreements

How do you ask your future spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement? Prenuptials must be voluntary and it is very rare for someone to sign a contract just because another person asks them to. Given the importance of a prenuptial, you might want to offer making an agreement together. If you’re uncomfortable asking your future spouse to work together, you might want to rethink your future.

2. Premarital Agreements

What is the difference between a prenuptial agreement and a premarital agreement? Not much. It is really only the names that are different. Why have two articles then? Some people talk about premarital agreements while others will talk about prenuptial agreements, so it’s best to have all your bases covered, even if the differences are only superficial.

3. Pros and Cons of Using a Prenuptial Agreement

Who gets married expecting the marriage to end in divorce? Nobody (hopefully), but it does happen more often than any eager couple enjoys considering. This article can help you weigh the pros and cons of getting a prenuptial agreement.

4. Prenuptial Agreements and Children

Children make up a significant portion of family law and prenuptial agreements are no exception. Whether you’re planning for your first marriage or your tenth marriage, this article is a must read if you or your future spouse have, or plan to have, children.

5. Failure to Disclose Assets and Prenuptial Agreements

Although prenuptial agreements are contracts, they require a level of disclosure that business contracts do not. The prerequisite disclosure assumes a certain level of trust between the two partners. This article should help dispel the age old myth that a couple which signs a prenuptial have trust issues.

6. Barry Bonds’ Case’s Effect on Prenuptial Agreements in California

Barry Bonds will be remembered for many things, but landmark legal cases probably won’t be among them. That is too bad since Bond’s prenuptial controversy went all the way to the California Supreme Court. The Court’s holding on the Bond’s case allows spouse support to be a subject of prenuptials in California to this day.

7. Spousal Support Provision in Prenuptial Agreements

Can a prenuptial decide how much spousal support is given after a divorce? In a few states, prenuptial agreements can certainly affect what happens after a divorce. Just ask Barry Bonds.

8. Prenuptial Agreements and Wills

If you or your fiancé have a will and you sign a prenuptial agreement with partner, which document will take precedent? The prenuptial usually has priority, but there are a few interesting situations which may influence the outcome.

9. Fighting a Prenuptial Agreement

Regretting that prenuptial you signed? This article lists a few ways to overturn a prenuptial agreement. Generally, these methods involve suspicious circumstances surrounding the signing of the agreement.

10. Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

This last article is designed to tie up any loose ends and to cover anything previous articles left out. A good family lawyer can sort out anything we can’t cover here.

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