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Top 10 Probation Articles

Probation may seem glamorous at first because so many celebrities have been sentenced with it. Lindsay Lohan, Chris Brown, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Amanda Bynes, and 50 Cent are just a handful of famous people that have been placed on probation in lieu of a harsher sentence. While these celebrities may make probation seem like no big deal, it is more than just a judge telling a convicted criminal to not screw up in the future.

Although there are different kinds of probation, they all involve suspending harsher sentences. Additionally, all kinds of probation have conditions attached that must be followed. This Top 10 list of probation articles explain what probation really is without all of the hype of celebrity scandals and tabloid magazine drama.

1. Parole and Probation Lawyers

Most people do not know the difference between parole and probation, which is usually because they have never had to deal with probation or parole before. This is a good thing, since it implies that most people have not committed a crime. If you are curious as to what the difference is between the two, then you should read this article to find out.

2. Violation of Probation Lawyers

Probation often comes with a set of conditions attached to it that the person on probation must follow. Thanks to Lindsay Lohan’s inability to follow her probation requirements, everyone knows that if you violate your probation, you may end up in jail. This article goes over how people can violate their probation and what can happen when they do.

3. What Is Require While on Supervised Probation

Being a grown-up generally means that you do not have to worry about constantly checking in with another person and avoiding alcohol. However, all of that changes if you are placed on supervised probation. You should read this article if you have recently been placed on supervised probation so that you know what may be expected of you.

4. What Is Supervised Probation

If you have managed to get supervised probation, then you should consider yourself fortunate for avoiding a prison sentence. However, you still are not completely free and clear of all punishment for your criminal conviction. In order to learn how supervised probation is still a punishment in its own right, you need to read this article.

5. Probation Surrender: An Overview

Lots of people have been required to surrender their probation after violating it, including Chris Brown, Paris Hilton, and Khloe Kardashian. Once you have chosen to violate your probation, you will be required to give up that probation and freedom. You need to read this article to learn what it means to surrender your probation before you decide to do so.

6. Probation Surrender: The Legal Process

So, you have decided to emulate Amanda Bynes and violate your probation. Now, you may be wondering what will happen next following your violation. This article will tell you exactly what you can expect to have happen as the court goes through the process of punishing you for violating the terms of your probation.

7. What Types of Probation Are There?

Punishment is not always just “one size fits all.” Rather, judges try to make sure that the punishment fits the crime, which is why there are several different types of probation. You should read this article if you want to know what the differences are among them.

8. Early Release Programs

Even though going to prison may be a complete nightmare, you can still work to be released earlier than originally anticipated. Many states have implemented some form of an early release program that gives people time off for good behavior. If you are interested in how you can be released early from prison, then you need to read this article.

9. Inspection of Probation Records

While the government may be tracking your every move like a cat chasing a laser from a laser pointer, records made about you by your probation officer are for your eyes only. Thus, you do not have to worry about anyone else seeing them without your permission. This article goes over what probation information is protected and how it is protected.

10. House Arrest Lawyers

Imagine if you could elect to go to a prison that has all of the comforts of home. Luckily, you can if you are sentenced to house arrest because it makes you a prisoner in your own home, literally. If you are presented with that option as part of a plea bargain, you should read this article to learn exactly what house arrest entails before agreeing to it.

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