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Top 10 Property and Boundary Dispute Articles
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Top 10 Property and Boundary Dispute Articles

Property law is not necessarily the first field of law that Americans think of when think "lawyer." Busting Al Capone is more glorious than busting an annoying neighbor for cutting a tree into the wrong side of the yard. At the same time, arguments with the neighbor about who owns what land can spiral out of control if there is no system for resolving such disagreements. Border disputes over property have been the cause of more than one war.

In the interest of preventing armed conflict, LegalMatch presents its Top 10 articles on Property and Boundary Disputes.

1. Physical Invasion of a Neighbor’s Property

Are annoying kids throwing balls into your front yard? Are your neighbors building an cave beneath your home? (This was an actual case!) Such actions are considered trespass onto property. Although most people associate trespass with people actually crossing through your land, this article explains that trespass is much broader.

2. Title and Boundary Disputes

One of the most important functions of the legal system is to clarify who owns what. Although modern recordkeeping does a good job of keeping title clear, deeds can be older than the computers being used to track them today. If there are any disputes over legal title of a property, this article can assist you.

3. Property Line Lawsuits

The landscape often forms natural boundaries for property lines. Trees and creeks are common property markers. However, natural boundaries are not always legal boundaries. Neighbors feel that the natural boundaries are unfairly small or large. City and local governments often have zoning laws which ignore things like landscape. Read on to find out whether natural land boundaries can be enforced as legal property boundaries.

4. Consensual Property Liens

Why would a property owner want a lien on his or her property? Typically, the lien is necessary to obtain a loan. If you need to shoot yourself in the foot to obtain a new foot, you should read this piece to understand your legal rights before you do so.

5. Lawsuits against Homeowner’s Associations

Imagine purchasing your dream house. A few days later, you get a letter from a homeowner association asking you for a few hundred dollars per month and that you reframe from walking your dog between the hours of 7am and 1pm. In exchange, the homeowner association will keep the grass next to your home trimmed. Fair deal? If not, click on the link to find out if you can get the homeowner association off your back.

6. Duty to Disclose Selling Stigmatized Property

After you move into your dream home, you hear a German marching band playing downstairs. When you go down to investigate, the sound ceases. You start seeing red demonic eyes in the mirrors. At night, you dream about a man who killed his family of six. Can you do anything about this Amityville Horror? Aside from a priest, you may have a legal claim to fraud and misrepresentation.

7. Unclaimed Property Lawyers

What happens if a person finds a ring worth thousands of dollars lying on the ground? Courts may award the ring to the person who found it, the person who owns the property where the ring was found, or to the original owner of the ring. Surprisingly, many of the same principles of unclaimed tangible property can apply to real property as well.

8. Partition of Property Lawyers

When co-owners of property no longer want to share property, the battles between the former co-owners can make the property look like a war zone. Instead of camping in no-man’s land though, parties should consider reading this article.

9. Types of Zoning

Sim City players probably make excellent city planners. All the industry is laid in one place, all the businesses are in one place, and all the residential areas are in one place. Zoning laws allow city planners to pretend that real life is Sim City, but zoning laws often cause massive chaos for the people who lived and worked in the city before the zoning laws came down. This article describes each type of zoning law in detail.

10. Blighted Property

One person’s front yard is another person’s blight. Okay, there are objective criteria regarding whether a property is blighted property, but organizational skills still differ across the board. If someone is calling your house a pig pen, read on to find out what your legal rights are. If you literally have a pig pen in front of your home though, that is a completely different issue.

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