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Top 10 Slip and Fall Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library

The world is a dangerous place. At any moment, you might take one false step that lands you in a hospital bed with a broken arm, ankle, collar bone, tail bone, etc. Name your favorite appendage: someone has probably broken it a slip and fall accident.

Most slip and fall injuries are simply the result of clumsiness. For better or worse, no one has figured out how to obtain legal remedies for a lawsuit based on the claim, “I’m Clumsy.” However, there are instances where slip and fall injuries are due not to your own clumsiness, but to the negligence of another. When negligence is involved, legal remedies may be available to the injured party.

Beginning with an article on “Winning a Slip and Fall Case,” here are the Top 10 LegalMatch Law Library articles covering the most important legal aspects of slip and fall accidents.

1. Winning a Slip and Fall Case

This may not be a fun topic for business owners who cater to clumsy customers. The vast majority of these cases are settled out of court. However, plaintiffs of successful slip and fall lawsuits have been known to recover millions of dollars for damages including hospital bills, physical therapy expenses, and lost wages.

2. Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Even if you have a particularly inspiring slip and fall story, you’ll have a hard time winning your case without the help of a qualified attorney. This article provides an overview of the law surrounding slip and fall accidents and also explains the necessity of obtaining a skilled attorney.

3. Slip and Fall Settlements

Most slip and fall cases end in settlements. Depending on the nature of the injury, the state where the injury occurred, and a number of other factors, settlements tend to range from around $15,000 to $75,000.

4. Indoor vs. Outdoor Slip and Fall Claims

In order to avoid slip and fall lawsuits, property owners must maintain safe premises. The factors that make a property “safe” for visitors will depend upon whether the property is indoors or outdoors. For example, harsh weather conditions such as snow or ice may affect the safety of front porch steps.

5. Grocery Store Liability Lawyers

If you dedicated enough shelving space to selling liquids, eventually some of those liquids will spill. Then, if you sustain a stead flow of foot traffic, you’re destined to have someone appearing at the right place at the right time to slip and fall in the spilt liquids. This explains why the shiny laminate flooring of grocery essentially serves as the mascot for slip and fall cases.

6. Suing for Pain and Suffering

People tend to associate personal injury lawsuits (including slip and fall cases) with monetary awards for pain and suffering. In fact, pain and suffering awards can be difficult to obtain. Unlike most damage awards, pain and suffering awards are not based on economic considerations, but instead are based on the level of sympathy the jury is willing to display.

7. Slip and Fall Injuries on Government Property

Although less lucrative than suing a major corporation and less satisfying than suing a crummy neighbor, the possibility of suing the government presents unique educational benefits. You can learn about all the extra protections the government gets to place on itself and its employees.

8. Dangerous Property or Buildings

If you are a property owner, congratulations: you have achieved one element of the American Dream. Now, unless you want to get sued back out onto the streets, you need to make sure that your property is “safe” for all guests and visitors.

9. Damages for Slip and Fall Claims

The first thing to do is to find a calculator and add up all of your medical bills. Next, add to this number your lost wages, domestic care expenses, and a monetized representation of your pain and suffering. Assuming you are confined to a hospital bed for several weeks nursing your injuries, you should have plenty of time to calculate some rather impressive figures.

10. Defenses to Slip and Fall Claims

Whether or not a slip and fall claim is legitimate, the property owner should be ready to present a number of defenses that call all legitimate aspects of the case into question. People (including jury members) generally assume that the person who slipped is at least partially at fault. Property owners can use this bias to their advantage when defending against a slip and fall lawsuit.

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