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Top 10 Spousal Support Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library

In a divorce, two types of support may be at issue: child support and spousal support. Although it is debatable which one causes more fights, spousal support is often the less tragic of the two since spousal support does not directly involve the wellbeing of one’s children.

Spousal support, also known as alimony, often reflects the larger social norms regarding family and gender roles. Once regarded as something only women could obtain, spousal support can be given to men if they were "stay-at-home dads," or the lower-earning partner of the two, or if the couple were in a homosexual marriage.

LegalMatch presents its Top 10 articles on spousal support:

1.Spousal Support or Alimony 

This article provides a general overview of the laws involving alimony. It goes over how long your marriage needed to be, how often you may receive alimony, and other requirements necessary to set up spousal support.

2. Spousal Support in Separation

Contrary to popular belief, you do not actually need a divorce to obtain spousal support. Legal separation will do it. Even if you and your spouse need time apart, that does not mean your obligation to each other has to be on hold as well. Read this article to find how to preserve your financial support through a legal separation.

3. Temporary Alimony

"Temporary" alimony can be a misnomer. Temporary alimony is not spousal support which expires after a certain period of time; temporary alimony is spousal support which is given while a divorce is being processed.

4. Spousal Support: Tax Implications

American Tax Law is needlessly complex and the tax code regarding spousal support does not help matters. Find out if you qualify for a tax break or if you are subject to additional taxes.

5. Medical Insurance as Alimony

Alimony is typically paid in cash or check, but spousal support is not limited to money. Former spouses can be required to pay for their ex-partner’s medical insurance. This article describes how this can happen. Some parties might want to avoid the topic of contraceptives though.

6. Terminating Alimony

In all honesty, this is the article that every former spouse paying support wants to see. Although alimony can be terminated, there are only a handful of events which can trigger termination of alimony. Since these events typically involve the supporting spouse losing their job, the supported spouse finding a new partner, or one of the former spouses being dead, we advise the reader not to do anything rash in an attempt to terminate alimony.

7. Modifying Alimony

What is the next best thing for the supporting spouse if termination of alimony is not an option? Modification of alimony of course. This article discusses how a spouse might go about changing the terms and conditions of an alimony decree.

8. Bankruptcy and Alimony: Supporting Spouse’s Perspective

As the Bible said, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is to discharge alimony through bankruptcy. Your best bet will be to start by reading this article, then seek help from an attorney.

9. Bankruptcy and Alimony: Supported Spouse’s Perspective

No, this is not the same article listed twice. The previous article gave the perspective of the supporting spouse. This one gives the perspective of the supported spouse. If you want to know how a supported spouse can preserve alimony through bankruptcy, this is the one you should read.

10. Alimony Collection Lawyers

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in family law. The supported spouse gets the alimony decree and the supporting spouse decides that paying for alimony is not worth the time. This article explains how you can get your ex-spouse to cough up what rightfully belongs to you.

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