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Top 10 Theft Articles

Stealing is constantly glamorized in pop culture. The actual members of the real-life Bling Ring were portrayed in the media as having luxurious lives that were funded by the burglaries they committed on the homes of several famous celebrities. Video games such as Grand Theft Auto make the crime of theft seem fun and exciting.

The reality of theft is not nearly as positive as popular culture would have you believe. Being convicted of even a petty crime like dining and dashing can ruin your professional and personal life. Before you decided to be the next Bonnie or Clyde, you should read through this Top 10 list of theft articles from the LegalMatch Law Library.

1. Theft Lawyers

You may not think that you are in trouble for slipping that new iPhone into your pocket while in Best Buy because you replaced it before security saw. However, you actually have committed a theft, and Best Buy could prosecute you for it. If you have been accused of theft, you need to read this article so you understand the charges against you.

2. Receiving Stolen Property

Some of the best prices for brand-name goods are offered by people that acquired the goods through “five-finger discounts.” While the price may seem attractive, buying such items can lead to you being arrested. Before you decide to purchase illegally-acquired goods, you should read this article to learn what the trade-off may be for getting that deal.

3. Abandoned Personal Property

You may feel like it is your lucky day if you find a wallet full of cash lying on the sidewalk. Your first impulse would probably be to keep it, which is only legal if the wallet was truly abandoned and not just lost. If you find yourself in such a predicament, you need to read this article to see if the item is abandoned or if you need to return it.

4. Shoplifting Lawyers

If some store owners had their way, they would be able to chop off the hands of anyone that tried to shoplift from them. While store owners cannot maim shoplifters, they can take action to get a shoplifting situation under control before calling the cops. This article discusses what a store owner is privileged to do in a shoplifting scenario.

5. Elements of Theft

There are several different types of theft, ranging from stealing cars for joy rides to stealing identities for the purpose of financing shopping sprees. Each type of theft has its own set of elements.

6. Grand Theft Laws

The movie “The Bling Ring” glamorizes robbing the homes of wealthy celebrities and stealing expensive items. While it may seem like a great way to finance a luxurious lifestyle, grand theft can lead to serious punishment. Before you start a bling ring of your own, you should read this article to learn of the possible consequences.

7. Theft Defenses

Maybe you are in the same situation as Lindsay Lohan, who was given permission to borrow a necklace but was then accused of theft. If you have been wrongly accused of theft, you need to read this article to learn how to best present your defense.

8. Grand Theft Auto Lawyers

When most people hear the term “grand theft,” they automatically think of the famous video game Grand Theft Auto. While that video game may make committing grand theft auto seem fun, the consequences for a grand theft auto conviction are not. You should read this article about the reality of grand theft auto before you emulate the video game.

9. Mail Theft Lawyers

There are some things that you may not want to have strangers reading, such as your diary and your mail. While the legality of strangers reading the former may depend on the situation, it is illegal for them to read or steal your mail. This article tells you how to prevent the theft of your mail and what to do if it happens.

10. Petty Theft Law

Dining and dashing, grabbing a candy bar as a “five-finger discount,” sneaking into a movie theater: all of these activities seem like harmless fun. However, each of these is a form of petty theft and can lead to a criminal conviction. You need to read this article if you are worried about how being convicted of a petty theft will impact your life.

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